Blonde spinner in knee high socks

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I’ve been asked more than once “What is a spinner?”. The truth is, I don’t actually know, but I’ve been using the term for years to talk about petite little skinny girls. The reason I call them spinners is because I can imagine placing them on my cock and spinning them on it like a top. Take this little blondie teen, for instance. I would love to stab her pussy with my rock hard penis and spin her around a few times. I don’t know what it is about a girl in white knee high socks, but I sure do like it!


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Little blonde cutie

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This is the type of girl that you just wish you could stick in your pocket and take home with you for a nice roll in the hay. Faith is her name and she is one of the amazing girls over at ALSScan. They’ve been shooting drop dead gorgeous teens nearly a decade now and the quality hasn’t changed a single bit. Not only do they have some of the best naked teens there are, they have outstanding photos with some amazing close ups of the baldest pussies on earth.


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